Highly Qualified Teacher

Highly qualified teachers are those teachers that have

  • earned at least a bachelor's degree,
  • demonstrated content knowledge in each core content area he/she teaches,
  • do not have any waivers of the requirements for full state certification.

Certificates that meet the requirement for full state certification are:

  • Initial
  • Critical Need (PACE)
  • Professional (including Regular/Grade A certificates issued prior to 1970)
  • International
  • Intern
  • Restricted

A teacher is not considered to meet the certification requirements for being highly qualified if the teachers has had certification waived on an emergency, temporary, or provisional basis. In South Carolina, this includes

  • temporary out-of-state certificates,
  • transitional certificates,
  • temporary provisos,
  • interim (PACE) certificates,
  • out-of-field permits,
  • warrants, and
  • graded/regular (Grade B,C, or D certificates issued prior to 1970)