Information Technology

Lexington District One Information Technology staff at work

The Information Technology team ensures that all Lexington County School District One technology including hardware, software, and networks used for communications, email, student and financial management systems, personal mobile computing initiatives, etc. are current, working, and compatible across the district.

Team members provide technical support for the computers and software used across the district and provide a District Help Desk for staff questions or issues related to technology.

Information Technology also oversees and manages the process of acquiring, designing, installing, and implementing new technology, networks, and application systems as they are introduced to Lexington One.

Technology Information for Employees

Staff Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Policy IJNDB – Use of Technology Resources in Instruction

Policy IJNDBR – Use of Technology Resources in Instruction

Technology Purchases Guideline

Security Best Practices

How do I get help with passwords or device issues?

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