Help Desk FAQ

Lexington One’s Technology Resource

How do I?

...see my pay stubs?

  • Full-time employees

    • Go to the “I Am” link on the home page
    • Select “An Employee”
    • Select “Secure Employee Portal”
    • Log in with your district username and password
    • Once in LexConnect select the “Employee Online” icon
    • Choose the “pay stub” link on the left side of the page

  • Substitutes, former employees, temporary employees

    • Go to the “I Am” link on the home page
    • Select “A Former Employee, Substitute, or Temporary Employee”
    • Then, select “Employee Online”
    • Log in on the “Connect to Business Plus” screen
    • Choose the “pay stub” link on the left side of the page

...reset my password?

  • Employees

    • If you work in a school, the IT Technician at your location can reset your password.
    • If you work from any other location in the district, please contact the District Help Desk at 803-821-1201.

  • Students

    • Student passwords should not change. If, however, you experience any problems with your password, please contact the Help Desk at your school.    
  • Substitutes, former employees, temporary employees

    • Contact the District Help Desk at 803-821-1201.

...get my student’s device repaired?

  • Each high and middle school has a Student Help Desk designed specifically to assist with student devices. Operating hours for these Help Desks vary per school. Please contact your school’s Help Desk to make arrangements for your student’s device to be repaired.

...get started with SchoolMessenger?

  • Contact your child’s school. Each school has designated personnel responsible for providing initial activation codes for SchoolMessenger.

...update my SchoolMessenger information?

  • If you have forgotten your login information, go to the SchoolMessenger login page at and use the “Forgot Your Password?” link.

...get started with PowerSchool to view my child’s grades and attendance?

  • Contact your child’s school to get an access code, ID and directions for creating a PowerSchool account. There is a unique access code and ID for each student.
  • Then go to lexington1.powerschool.com/public to create your parent account.  

...get started with Schoology?

  • Contact your child’s school or teacher to get an access code.
  • Go to the district website and choose the “I AM A Parent/Guardian” page for information on getting started with Schoology.

...get logged into Enrich?

  • Your Enrich username and password are the same as your Network username and password.
  • Make sure you are doing the following:

    • Are you choosing XXXXTeacher/Administrators (where XXXX is your school) from the drop-down box?
    • Are you using your network username and password? This is NOT your email address.
    • If you are using a MacBook, please see if you can adjust your Chrome settings as follows to correct the issues:
      • Click the three lines in the top right corner — settings — show advanced settings at bottom — clear browsing data under privacy section — check everything but passwords and then click the clear browsing data button.
    • If you still have issues, please see if your technician or your TIS can assist you further.


  • What is Peachjar and why do I keep getting emails?

    • Lexington County School District One uses a system called Peachjar to make information about not-for-profit activities or services and enrichment opportunities available to families — providing their material meets district standards. 

      Each school has its own Peachjar site where parents can find and view flyers sent out. Parents can go to a school’s web page, click on the Peachjar logo and see the approved flyers for that school.
      You can find out more about Peachjar here.
  • How do I resubscribe if I have unsubscribed?
  • What should a parent do if they are not receiving Peachjar emails from a school?

    • Contact your child’s school and have someone at the school check the parent email address on file in PowerSchool. After that, parents should go to www.peachjar.com and add themselves to the site by setting up a Parent account.
    • Make sure you have not unsubscribed from Peachjar.

  • Can grandparents receive Peachjar flyers?

    • Sure. Just ask the grandparent to go to www.peachjar.com and add himself/herself to the site by setting up a Parent account.

...report a possible acceptable use violation?